Four Core Connections

"Core Connections" are what we identify as the fundamental relationships that students need to build and maintain throughout their learning years to achieve success. Through the use of these connections, students also develop a love of learning and a desire to give back to their world. The following four Core Connections provide all students access to a rigorous academic program, as well as providing a well-rounded knowledge base and skill set. Through this combination of learning, all students receive  a thorough preparation for college, career and 
life in the 21st century.

1.  High academic achievement for ALL students.
- Dominant language model of bi-lingual instruction, with additive native language instruction in upper grades.
- Common Core Standards adoption with quarterly on-line interim assessments.
- Individualized interventions and supports
- Development of expanded critical thinking ability

2. Social and emotional learning and skill development
- Daily lessons to develop and reinforce life skills
- Conflict resolution training
- Self-reflection and empathy practice

3. Innovative problem-solving and creativity experiences
- Daily enrichment activities in art, music or dance
- Creative approaches to problem-solving
- Hands-on learning in science and social studies

4. Technology tools
- Blended curriculum model in partnership with Curriki.org
- The use of daily online-learning.
- Access to technology tools each day, everyday from school and home

What does it mean for a school community to be truly
CONNECTED to  learning?

For students....

  • Feeling engaged, supported, challenged, curious and inspired.
  • Having the curriculum, tools and systems in place to allow learning and growth to flow.
  • Having teachers that are meeting individual needs, even in a class of 28 learners.
  • Valuing and using perseverance, persistence, self-knowledge and the ability to ask for help.
  • Feeling safe and respected and being able to take risks.
  • Celebrating success and feeling pride in ones growth and accomplishments.
  • Thinking deeply, critically and creatively everyday
  • Nurturing a natural curiosity about the world and developing a life-long connection to learning.
  • Having an intrinsic desire to give something back to the world.
For teachers...

  • Professionalism, persistence, creativity and collective accountability.
  • High levels of support, planning time and recognition.
  • Facing challenges with openness and acceptance.
  • A systems approach to continuous growth and improvement where respect and honesty prevail at all times.
  • The ability to be both self-reflective and offer feedback to peers.
  • Flexibility and adaptation flow 
  • Pride and a feeling of accomplishment
For parents and community members....

  • Strong bonds with the teachers and the school for enhanced learning  at school, at home, and on the road.
  • Sharing personal knowledge, skills and culture with the school community to build inclusiveness and enhance learning experiences of others.
  • Offering feedback and input on both successes and areas to change/improve.
  • Continuous pride and celebration of the learning and growth of all children.

Our Core Foundations

High rigor; equally high supports through a systems approach
Continuous learning at school, home and on the road utilizing a blended model
High levels of parent/family/community engagement
  Critical thinking, problem solving and creativity
 Strong social/emotional learning
College and career preparation
  Being of service