Pajaro Preparatory Academy
 Watsonville, CA 

(Pajaro Valley)
A free public K-8 charter school open to all!



Our school prepares students to achieve in two languages, think deeply and creativity
 and have strong social and emotional resources for readiness and engagement in high school, college and life beyond.

Opening August 2012,  Watsonville, California

What's different about this school?

 Innovative migrant student/family learning model called “StayConnected/ConexiónQuedarse” for continuous student learning while family is away from primary school.

- Blended curriculum model in partnership with (Utilizing a blend of open source curriculum and materials and published works that are fully  aligned to the CA Standards. )

- Bilingual program based on dominant language model and an additive lagnuage component beginning in 4th grade and continuing through middle school grades.

- Full technology integration for students, teachers and families, with a parallel non-technology tract for families that are not Internet connected.

- High levels of rigor and learning for Dual LL students with equally high levels of support- Unit  pre- and post- assessments and individualized student data analysis and goal setting utilizing an online assessment system for instant feedback and intervention prescriptions.

-Daily social-emotional learning lessons Research is confirming that K-12 education is equally about child rearing, forming character, instilling values, cultivating habits as well as knowledge acquisition.

- Required parent/family participation component
-A systems approach to continuous support and improvement for teachers and staff, using organizational development ideas.

- Bi-weekly teacher rotation (out of the classroom) for curriculum writing, research, planning and intervention.

- Relevant and real homework
program (realistic homework)

- ePortfolio system for use with project -based learning component, for a continuous record of student learning.

- A no excuses—what ever it takes”  core culture.

- School model will be “open source” for all to use.   

School model and systems:

Proposed location:
 Watsonville, CA

Proposed grade levels:  K-8

Target population:
Students from migrant, farm-working and new immigrant families.

Language of Instruction: Bilingual program and SEI tracts; additive language instruction in middle school.

  School will be open 7:00 a.m to 7:00 p.m. five days a week. Morning and afternoon tutoring and enrichment programs. Extended school day (8 a.m. - 4 p.m.)  extended school year, Saturday school, and continuous online learning from home.

 Sports, music, dance, ceramics, and technology (Renzulli's SEM program for all students, weekly.)

Parent/Community Engagement: 
 Weekly parent/family engagement opportunities. Monthly community engagement events.

Special Programs:
  Renzulli's School Enrichment Model school wide every Friday, science lab, fruit and vegetable production garden, community computer lab, monthly mobile health and dental clinics.

Teacher Learning: 
 Bi-weekly professional development and learning via in-person and online sessions. Bi-weekly teacher grade level meetings.

Proposed chartering entity
:  Pajaro Valley Unified  S. D.

Financial sustainability model: School will be completely self-suficient using state and federal funding. Extra “flex” funds will come from unique curriculum model and teaching configuration.

Start-up configurations:

Year 1 
2- K classes, 2– 1st grade classes
Year 2
  2- K, 2-1st, 2 – 2nd
Building  two classes/one grade a  year, with the exception of Year 3 where we will add two 4th grade classes.  Capacity of 600 students will occur in Year 7.

Our Vision:  
Using innovation, tradition, nurturing and reflection, and the relentless pursuit of student achievement and social-emotional learning we will guide and support our students to proficiency  in all subject areas and to future engagement and success in high school and college. Along the way, our students will also develop a love of learning and desire to give something back to their world.

Our Goal:
 Every student will reach proficiency in all core subjects by 8th grade, learn and use positive social/emotional skills, and learn to think deeply and creatively on their own, developing a lifelong connection to learning, growth and giving back to their world.